About Us

Handcrafted chocolate delights
from the original chocolatier of Kona, Hawaii

Our snacks and treats bring back childhood memories. The good old days when you were young and care free. You will find delcious chocolate, coffee, and local Hawaiian treats to choose from.

When we started we wanted to capture a taste of Hawaii. Now, our goal is to keep it local, so we always buy local and everything we offer is in made in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Whether you’re searching for a gift for someone special or to spoil yourself, our fun chocolate collection is the experience you’re looking for.

From our dark chocolates to white chocolates, all of our chocolates balls are hand made in Kona, Hawaii with aloha! Always made with Hawaiian macadamia nuts for you to enjoy.

  • 100% Organic, 100% Kona Thick layers of chocolate made from organic cacao sourced, prepared, and packaged in Kona, Hawaii
  • Fun, Shareable Packaging Donkey Balls make the perfect treat to remember the islands, share with family, or give as a fun gift.
  • Made in Hawaii with Aloha Macadamia nuts, coffee beans, and the rich cocoa used to cover them are 100% Kona estate grown and handpicked to ensure top quality for you and your family.

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